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Quality Control Services

Quality Control Services

PROspections, Inc is rapidly expanding our services and coverage area, so
check back often for updates.  Currently, we can regularly service Houston,
Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio, with guaranteed 1-day lead time.  Other
locations in Texas and beyond require more lead time, but with our network of
inspectors, we can service other major cities.  Call Trent at 713.240.7640 for
scheduling and availability in your area.

We can customize a solution for you, or you can purchase a package that
suits your needs from the following categories:

Design Consultation - PROspections is uniquely
positioned to broker your engineering requirements.  We
can procure proposals from
several different engineers to
give you a choice and control over the design process.  
No matter what you have in mind, we can supply options
from the
most competitive and prolific engineers in Texas.

Quality Control - During construction, PROspections can
document variations from the engineer's intent, while
there is yet time to correct the problem.

Warranty Inspections - During construction of foundation,
framing, and final grade for
RWC - "HOME of Texas" and
2-10 "HBW."  Other warranties might also apply.  Call for



PROspections leverages technology, adding significant improvements over
traditional methods of inspecting.  As we progressively enhance our systems,
here is a list of a few of our current features

Digital Photography - No matter what language you
speak, everyone understands a picture.  Picture reports
inspire confidence that leads to quicker approvals, and
fewer trips to the site.  Anyone can understand and follow
our instructions.  The language barrier no longer exists.

Connected - Our paperless infrastructure allows us to print
multiple reports on site, directly email/fax from the field,
and synchronize with our other inspectors.

Database Infrastructure - Our reports are data driven, and
can be mined to compare performance over time or
competitively against other contractors.