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See our HALL of
SHAME ... a running
photo log of massive
mistakes that we
have prevented by
our inspections.

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ORDERS for Houston: (713) 240-7640
Texas orders outside Houston: (866) 266-0507

Engineers are our most valued partners

Engineers are our most valued partners

Please give us a call, so that we can meet and discuss cooperation on future
projects.  If you are a small firm, needing to outsource or a huge firm just
looking to expand into territories beyond your normal reach, we can help you
reach your goals in the construction industry.

Request More Information
PROspections, Inc.
Houston, Texas Headquarters
(713) 240-7640 (main) - ask for
1-866 266- 0507 (optional voice mail and fax)

EMAIL us at info@prospectionsinc.com

Builders, if you need a residential or commercial
project engineered for plan submittal or for
construction documents, then PROspections can
help you.  We are a
clearing house for engineering,
and can match your requirements with a competent,
and ethical
engineer.  We will often giving you a
choice between several engineers for the same
solution.  Click
HERE for more information.