PROspections is a construction engineering clearing-house.  
We can submit your design requirements to multiple engineers at once.

By giving you unprecedented choice, we offer you unprecedented control.

Call Trent of PROspections at 713.240.7640 or 866.266.0507 (toll free)
Below is an index of engineers from which we can receive proposals for you.

Engineering Firms
Over 7 different firms from which to choose for your foundation

Residential  and Commercial Services
7 engineering firms with which we have networked provide
foundation design for construction, 6 of them do framing
engineering, a few do forensic/performance evaluations, most of
then do light commercial structures, a couple of them do heavy
commercial and curtain wall design, and one even has a lab for
providing geotechnical (soil) engineering.

Post-Tension Foundation Design
All of the firms that we work with provide cost effective
post-tension engineering designs

Hybrid Design (with post-tension
cables on top, and nothing but steel
in the grade beams)

None of the firms we will recommend, will risk non-compression in
the beams, and make the builder pay dearly for this inefficient
hybrid solution.

Conventional Rebar Slab Design
If you prefer rebar solutions, many of our firms can give you a
cost-effective design without any post-tension cables, but
post-tension designs are usually a less expensive solution.

Build Costs
How would you like to save 80 cents per square foot?  That is
how much difference I have seen in build costs with one of the
firms we represent when compared to inefficient engineering that
builders have used before.

Design Costs
Depending on what you need, whether multiple designs in the
same subdivision or a single use for a house on a single
property, we can help you select the right engineer for the job.

Some of the engineers that we recommend, have global offices,
but most of them are located in major metropolitan areas of

Firm History
We can connect you with new engineers, just staring out, or 40
year old firms that have helped author the most sophisticated
and widely used method of foundation design.

Yearly Revenue
From less then $100,000 to over $4,000,000.  We can
recommend "micro" or "mega" firms.

States registered
If you have projects in states other then Texas, we can still help.  
Several of our engineering firms that we work with are registered
in more then 25 states.

Few engineers have the reputation to afford $1,000,000 limit
ERRORS and OMISSION Insurance, but we know four that do.  
Otherwise, most of the others just have professional liability.

1 employee to over 100 employee firms are on our list.
Because of PROspections network of inspectors, we can inspect
most major cities in Texas.

What to expect
Engineering for a house on a specific lot does not really occur
without a soil report.  So, if you want a house to be engineered
by someone (who is not a fraud,) then you have to submit a soil
report with your plan.  We can help you select an engineer that is
right for you, or submit the project to all of the engineers in our
strategic alliance.  Because the choice is up to you, you have full

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