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About Us

About Our Business

For most Texas builders, the following ambiguities are allowed to

About Our Business

In 1994, PROspections, Inc's owner, Trent Fuller, began performing
inspections for a Texas residential design firm.  In five years, Trent rose to the
level of Vice-President and then President of Nortex Foundation Designs.  He
assisted in the transition from board drafting to computer aided design while
streamlining interoffice tracking systems and databases.

An increasing part of Trent's responsibilities was the involvement with home
buyers' concerns regarding foundation performance.  He discovered that
disinformation abounds in this emotionally charged field.  Perceptions were
fed by a cottage-industry of foundation repair companies.  Their aggressive
marketing strategies left a lasting negative impression on the minds of home

PROspections, Inc is the brain child of years of experience on the front lines
with home owners, alarmed by dire workmanship.  We want reality to prevail
over perceptions when emotions run hot, and so much is at stake.  

For most Texas builders, the following ambiguities are allowed to

* Is my foundation engineered using calculated values in a proven                   
  model for the soil on my property?
* 2500 PSI concrete was specified by the engineer, and ordered by the            
  contractor, but what is the strength of the concrete that actually is in              
* How do I know for certain that the reinforcement cables are elongated           
   within tolerance of the engineer's stressing specifications?
* In the future, how can I tell if my foundation has moved when it was               
  initially poured with irregular flatness and deformities?
* How can my contractors understand the corrections that are required             
  before concrete placement?
* Are my sub-contractors working towards perfect execution or worried               
  only about getting it done?

Our services dispel ambiguity with empirical data, putting you in compete

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